10 makeup secrets that will not "flow" in the summer heat.

10 makeup secrets that will not "flow" in the summer heat.


Summer heat is a test not only for the body, but also for makeup. Cosmetics strive to leave their borders and spoil your appearance. However, we have good news: it's possible to keep your makeup perfect in hot weather! How to admire your reflection and not wear a full arsenal of cosmetics? Let's tell you now!


  1. Perfect skin tone

The first thing that begins to "float" on the face is a foundation. Choose the lightest textures possible and apply them in a barely noticeable layer. If you have oily or problem skin, replace your foundation with a mineral foundation. It evens out skin tone and hides small redness, post-acne, vascular networks. Avoid oil-based foundations. Because of them, the face will shine treacherously even more.
Concealer can help mask dark circles under the eyes or more serious imperfections. Choose a product with a dense, but not drying texture. If the condition of the skin allows, you can do with one concealer.

  1. Less powder

In summer, excessive shine on the skin appears not only among owners of the oily type. In hot weather, the face sweats, due to which oxygen is released, which oxidizes the pigmented components of cosmetics. Due to such metamorphosis, the color of the foundation and powder can change. Therefore, try to match cosmetics to match or even lighter.
After applying foundation, lightly powder your face with mineral powder, but you should not use it during the day. The powder is designed to fix makeup, not to remove oily sheen. Matting wipes will do this much better. They instantly absorb sebum without damaging your makeup. You can also use tissues to blot your eyelids before applying eyeshadow and use over lipstick to create a matte effect.

  1. Layering

If you can't do without makeup, go to it thoroughly. Use a matte primer, then apply a light foundation and secure with bronzer, highlighting the cheekbones, forehead and eyelids. For the cheeks, use the cream first and then the pressed blush. The final touch is the application of a transparent matting powder. The secret of long-lasting makeup is revealed!

  1. Focus on eyebrows and lips

To create a light summer makeup for every day, you will need only 4 products: BB cream, pencil, pomade or eyebrow shadow, powder and lip gloss. Eyebrows are the framing of our face. Focus on them and the image will instantly transform. You will look fresh and summer-like.
We recommend you wait with long-lasting and matte lipsticks that dry your lips. Glitter is a great option. It nourishes the lips well and looks very natural. If gloss is not to your liking, pick up a light lipstick.

  1. Reliable makeup base

Moisturize your skin before applying makeup. In the summertime, we recommend using SPF creams to prevent premature aging. Then apply the primer. The product evens out the relief and skin tone, preparing for the subsequent use of cosmetics. In hot weather, the T-zone and eyelids sweat especially, provoking an excessive production of sebum. Apply primer all over your face. Thanks to such a base, the makeup will turn out to be durable and bright.

  1. Instead of a sponge, a brush

The sponge creates a tighter coverage, while the brush creates a light and thin layer. Use brushes to apply foundation and powder. In addition, the issue of disinfection is especially relevant in summer. Another plus is that brushing is much easier.

  1. Mascara

Opt for waterproof mascara not only at sea. Excessive moisture on the eyelids may cause the regular product to print, creating a messy look. Waterproof mascara will not crumble or rub off. By the way, summer is the best time to experiment. Ditch the usual black shade and try brown or blue mascara. The look will instantly transform!

  1. Kayal will wait

Kayal is a soft cosmetic eyeliner pencil. With it, you can draw gorgeous arrows and make a background for the shadows. True, only in the cool season, since in the heat it begins to flow quickly. This also applies to liquid eyeliners.

In summer we recommend using pencils with a denser, drier texture, which are not so easy to "budge". Ideally waterproof. If the arrows are less bright and saturated, duplicate the line with shadows on top. This way the makeup will last even longer.

  1. Makeup fixation

Another tool that will help prolong the hold of your makeup is a fixative spray. Use it after completing the cosmetic process. Spray the makeup with a spray at a distance of 30-40 cm from the face. The fixer molecules are evenly distributed on the skin and preserve the cosmetic masterpiece for a long time. You can also use thermal water, which will easily add freshness to your look.

  1. Hands off the face

If you don't want to inadvertently ruin your makeup or leave germs on your skin, touch your face with your hands as little as possible. And in extreme cases, be sure to wash your palms before this. One wrong move and make-up, which is already difficult to hold in summer, can be on your hands. Try to control yourself and not make unnecessary movements.