10 things to get out of the bathroom immediately and without regrets

10 things to get out of the bathroom immediately and without regrets.

The bathroom should be a place of happy privacy and absolute comfort. But this is in a perfect world. And in the harsh reality, relaxing in soft foam, like in Hollywood films, just doesn't work. And it's not so much a lack of time. And in a mess that imperceptibly, day after day, annoys with its intangible presence. If you want to feel better in the morning, start by cleaning the bathroom. Believe me , putting these things in the bin will make it easier to breathe.

Many people, especially those who have gone through the rigors of poverty Have one thing in common: the fear of throwing something away. And until the very last moment you postpone the moment of parting with unnecessary rubbish, until the room starts turning completely. Especially in something as small as a bathroom. Do yourself a big favor: throw these things away without a twinge of conscience. You will not notice their loss, and the space will immediately increase. And the mood will improve. So rather throw away:

  1. Cosmetics that you have not used for a long time

Perhaps that vaunted shampoo did not suit you, and the scent of the popular shower gel then hurts your head all day. Such bad purchases happen to absolutely everyone. As a result, unnecessary bottles line up into bulky batteries. Make a small revision in the bathroom. Perhaps something from expensive means (we know, the more expensive, the more offensive) is perfect for some of your friends or relatives. And if there are no volunteers, feel free to throw them away. All the same, it only costs and collects mold.

  1. Old toothbrushes

Yes, it even sounds a little absurd. But look into your glass / toothbrush holder. Surely there will be at least one specimen with a vague past and indefinite age. It seems that it is worth it and does not ask for food. But it is with such little things that a big mess begins.

3. Rusty razors

A rusty razor is a blunt path to cuts, ingrown hairs and irritation. Do not pull to the last. As soon as a yellow spot appeared on the blade - throw it away.

  1. Delay

At least once a month, go through all the bottles and bubbles in the bathroom. When there are fewer of them, the process will take literally 5 minutes. And all, whose expiration date has come to an end, ruthlessly send to the trash. Why take the risk and allow a potential breeding ground for bacteria?

  1. Packaging for cosmetics and hygiene products

All these bright boxes may look cute, but they take up too much space. For example, little things like cotton swabs are usually sold in a large plastic bag. Put them in a glass along with cotton pads - already such a small innovation will save a couple of valuable square centimeters.

  1. Dirty laundry

Most people store dirty laundry items in the bathroom. Sounds reasonable, but cleanliness experts remind you that a constantly humid warm environment encourages bacterial growth. There are already a lot of them on a used sheet or T-shirt after a workout. So it is best to set the laundry basket in a dry place. For example, in the closet.

  1. Magazines and newspapers

As in the previous case, the paper does not get along very well with moisture and quickly turns into a soggy Petri dish. Anyway, reading lying in the bathroom or sitting in another delicate place is not harmless to health. And how much space does this waste paper take!

  1. Jewelry and bijouterie

It's not even about saving space. And the fact that few people want to wear a darkened chain or rusted earrings. Therefore, it is better to store jewelry in a separate box or organizer away from moisture.

  1. Perfumes

Both natural essences and alcohol in perfumery are equally intolerant to high temperatures and humidity. Under such conditions, chemical compounds behave quite predictably: they evaporate or turn sour. So, if you want to enjoy your favorite scent for a longer time, keep it in the dark and cool. Still, the fragrance is a fragile structure. And without bulky bottles, space will be freed up.

  1. Washcloths

Yes, you heard right. Rubbing the back is, of course, nice.Dermatologists that will convince you to quickly throw out your old washcloth and replace it with something newer.