15 makeup tricks that professional makeup artists keep silent about

15 makeup tricks that professional makeup artists keep silent about.

Every girl dreams of looking great. It is for this that the beauty industry produces dozens of varieties of all kinds of means to achieve the ideal. But, unfortunately, not everyone understands how, where and how much to apply decorative cosmetics. In this article, we have collected 15 makeup tricks that professional makeup artists are silent about.


  1. BB cream

Take your time to buy another tube of BB cream, make it yourself right in your bath. To do this, mix your foundation with any moisturizer. The advantage of such a homemade base is that you yourself determine the proportions of the components, which means you can choose your own unique consistency. Such a tool will allow you to refresh, even out the complexion, mask minor imperfections and moisturize the skin no worse than a BB cream from a well-known manufacturer.

  1. Direction of shading

Admit it, have you ever thought about the technique of applying and shading tonal means? Almost everyone knows that moisturizers need to be applied strictly along the massage lines, but not many have information on the correct application of foundation. We reveal the secret: you need to shade the tonal funds strictly downward. This should be done in order to smooth the fluff that is on the face of every girl. If you break this rule, you will raise the villi and your makeup will not be perfect.

  1. Raise an eyebrow

To freshen up your face, make your look more open and expressive, you can slightly raise an eyebrow using makeup. To do this, draw a line along the bone under the eyebrow with a soft matte pink or white pencil. After that, carefully blend its borders so that only a barely noticeable shade remains.

  1. Mask flaws

Dark circles, pimples and redness can ruin even the most attractive look. Therefore, try to bring your skin as close to ideal as possible. This can be done with a concealer. But what if there is nothing suitable at hand?! It's simple, use a foundation. Apply it pointwise to problem areas, leave to dry for three minutes, and then even out the borders of shades with powder.

  1. Contouring

If you have a brown lipstick in your bag that doesn't suit you, use it for contouring. Use your fingers to apply lipstick to areas you want to darken, blend and cover your face with a thin layer of powder. Such a trick will allow you to profitably change the proportions of the face and make the makeup look voluminous.

  1. Hide traces of fatigue

Pink blush is magic, a must-have product for every woman. With their help, you can not only paint a fresh blush on your face, but also hide traces of fatigue. To do this, place a barely visible dot in the center of the lower eyelid, just below the lower lash line. Such a trick will help to make your eyes rested, and your eyes bright and expressive.

  1. Expressiveness of the upper eyelid

We paint over the space between the eyelashes.

Don't underestimate the role of eyeliner in makeup. For example, by carefully painting over the space between the eyelashes with a pencil, you can make the look expressive. This technique will work even if you don't have time for full makeup. The color of the eyeliner should be chosen based on the shade of your eyelashes. Gray and brown are suitable for blondes, dark brown and black for brunettes.

8 .Raise your eyes

With the help of a highlighter, you can slightly raise your eyes and eyebrows. To do this, draw a thin arc over the eyebrow and blend it with your fingertips.


9 .Perfect lines

Use scotch tape if you are unsure of your pencil or eyeliner skills. The tape will help you draw straight and symmetrical arrows and outline your eyebrows.

10. Volume lips

Paint your lips with matte or satin lipstick, and then apply some pearlescent blush or eyeshadow to the middle of the upper and lower lips. This technique will make your lips fuller, and the makeup will look more interesting and voluminous.