18 life hacks to help you cut your cosmetics costs.

18 life hacks to help you cut your cosmetics costs.

All girls want to look pretty, like the stars on the cover. And this pleasure costs quite a lot. However, you don't have to spend a fortune to look good while captivating everyone around you. It is enough to take into account a few simple life hacks, which will make life much easier.


  1. Only the essentials in the cosmetic bag

Before buying new brushes, as well as the tools used by your favorite bloggers and stars, take a look at what you already have. A hundredth makeup brush is unlikely to be useful, but if you refuse to buy it, you can save a little. The same as on a bronzer, highlighter and other products, because for everyday makeup, foundation or more common powder will be enough. And remember that you should not be equal to another person in terms of the number of cosmetic things, because a lot does not mean you need it.

  1. We use inexpensive analogs

Modern fashion imposes on everyone the myth that expensive means good, and cheap means poor quality. However, the luxury segment cosmetics, as practice has shown, often do not meet our expectations. In addition, products in the mass market category are sometimes not only more affordable, but also have the same good quality as well-known and promoted brands. So is it worth paying more?

3. Pay attention to Chinese replicas

Many people think that goods from China are something of poor quality and bad. However, they forget that luxury cosmetics are usually produced there. And therefore, looking at AliExpress, you can easily find the product you need, while not overpaying for beautiful jars and stickers with brands. Especially if you want a new shine, eyeshadow or mascara.

4. We are not shy about testers and probes

There are usually cosmetic testers in every store. They are relatively inexpensive, have a small bottle, and are perfect for any cosmetic bag. In addition, this will not only help you save money, but also try out some new tool in order to understand whether it will suit you personally, or if you should choose something else.

5. Choosing large packages

We are talking, of course, about those tools that really suit you. You shouldn't buy several small bottles of body cream if you can get one large bottle, which is much cheaper. The same situation with gels, shampoos and other personal care products.

  1. We dose the product correctly

Let's be honest, each of us spends more cosmetics than necessary. Often we do not hesitate to pick up shampoo with full palms or are upset when more cream is squeezed out than we need. To do this, you can buy funds with special dispensers, and also experiment, gradually reducing the dose and finding the one for yourself.

  1. Second life for perfume

If you run out of your favorite perfume, but there is very little left on the edges in the bottle or on the very bottom - do not rush to throw it away. Just take your favorite body lotion, pour in the rest of the perfume and shake it thoroughly. This will give you a good moisturizer that masks any body odors in addition.

  1. We use everything to the rest

Often our glitters, gels and much more remain on the walls in the bottle. We throw them away, of course, when we buy something new. However, do not rush to make such a mistake. Try taking these tubes, squeezing them down well and squeezing the remainder into small jars, for example, from under the eyeshadow, thus getting a pocket-sized gloss or cream.
This method is suitable even for dense and hard jars that cannot be pressed or cut. Just use the small, spatula-shaped tube to collect the remaining product on the walls in a tiny jar.
But what if your favorite lip gloss still remains, but it is no longer possible to extract it, because it has thickened? Do not despair, just dip the bottle into a glass of hot water and use it for your pleasure!

  1. Create different shades

For example, you don't have to buy multiple lipsticks that differ only in subtle shades. So, you can take one, for example, red, and use the number of layers to adjust its shade from pink to wine. And for more results, you can use foundation substrates.

  1. Don't spend money on lip balm

And all because you can do it yourself. To do this, you need a handful of chewing gum, a couple of drops of petroleum jelly, and any food coloring you like. All this must be thoroughly mixed, melted in the microwave, and then poured into convenient containers and jars, and then sent to the freezer.

  1. No lip scrubs

As cosmetologists say, lip scrub is purely marketing, on which we spend our hard earned money. After all, you can make it even at home, for example, by replacing a store product with a few spoons of frozen honey.

  1. We restore your favorite powder or shadow

Every girl had an incident when a box of powder or a palette with shadows fell and crumbled, banged and cracked, and, it would seem, nothing could be done about it and it was necessary to throw away your favorite product. No matter how it is. It is enough to moisten the cracked eyeshadow or powder with alcohol, and then press it with a spoon or coin, returning them to their usual consistency.

  1. Restoring mascara

Mascara often dries up in a tube and becomes impossible to use. However, this is not a reason to throw it away. Put some eye drops or regular contact lens solution inside, then shake and continue to use as you please.

  1. We use mascara correctly and in any situation

The most important rule is to never run the mascara brush back and forth from idleness, because this way air gets inside, and it itself begins to clump, deteriorate and harden.
Plus, the mascara brush can be preserved even after it runs out. If you previously used a branded one, and now you bought a regular one, but the brush does not suit you, just use the old one. Or, save on an eyebrow brush using the same mascara brush.

  1. Make your eyes brighter

Playing with the shades and colors of the eyeshadow is pretty easy. It is enough to purchase a really good base, and then stock up on even the cheapest palettes with the shades you like. Thanks to this life hack, you can not only create rich, bright or dark colors, but also save money.

  1. Give a second life to shadows

If the shadows are almost over, or if their shade does not suit you, this is not the time to throw them away. Get the cheapest clear polish, and then add some eyeshadow. Voila, the new and stylish glitter polish is ready!

  1. Shopping out of season

Even in cosmetics there is a seasonality of colors and shades. In winter, saturated colors are popular, in summer they are catchy, in spring and autumn they are nude. Therefore, cosmetic brands often raise prices for products that are in line with the season. To outwit them is simple: just buy a catchy color for the summer in the midst of winter, while it doesn't cost so much.

  1. Don't forget about discounts and sales

All stores, for one reason or another, are organizing global sales. For example, before the holidays or on Black Friday. This is a great way to get something cheaper from what you have long wanted. In addition, it is worth keeping an eye on various discounts and promotions that will help you buy, for example, a new line of products that has just entered the market.