5 rules to enhance the effect of skin care products when applied to the skin

5 rules to enhance the effect of skin care products when applied to the skin.

Every day, cosmetics manufacturers offer a wide variety of products with innovative formulas that are designed to solve skin problems and improve its condition. However, the effectiveness of care is influenced not only by the competent choice of a cream or mask, but also by how they are applied. Novate.ru offers to study this issue in more detail.


Rule 1: Smart choice of means


To begin with, you need to choose the right care product, taking into account the current skin problems. Despite the fact that it is initially divided into dry, oily, normal and combined, its condition can be influenced by changes in habits, nutrition, environmental factors (temperature, wind, ultraviolet rays, and so on). Depending on this effect, the skin may become dehydrated or vice versa - more oily, prone to acne, acne.

Rule 2: Gentle Cleansing

Many girls find that the more aggressive the cleansers are, the more effective they are at removing makeup and impurities mixed with sebum. In fact, one of the main tasks of such products is to preserve the protective hydrolipidic mantle of the skin. According to the research results of German scientists, gentle cleansing accelerates the penetration of active ingredients and, thereby, improves the condition of the skin. But our favorite cleansing "before the squeak" has negative consequences - instead of penetrating into the deepest layers, the cream spends most of its resources on restoring the natural hydrolipidic film. Accordingly, the tool does not work as efficiently and brings less benefit.

Rule 3: restore skin pH

After cleansing your skin with gel and milk, be sure to apply the toner. This remedy is unfairly ignored, although in fact it has many beneficial properties. It completes the cleansing process, restores the acid-base balance of the skin, which is disturbed under the influence of hard tap water, moisturizes the upper layers, refreshes and tones. Also, the tonic is a kind of conductor, allowing the active ingredients in the cream or serum to penetrate deeper and evenly into the skin.

Note:The toner should be chosen depending on the type of skin. Dry needs products that include powerful moisturizing ingredients, for example, glycerin, aloe extract; sensitive - in products with a delicate effect, soft, slightly oily structure, chamomile or rose extract in the composition; oily - in products with a matting effect, as well as moisturizing ingredients; problematic - in products with astringent and exfoliating components, for example, zinc, salicylic acid; normal - in a product based on thermal spring water, which maintains an optimal level of moisture, saturates with minerals and trace elements.

Rule 4: Correct Application Technique

The most important thing when applying cream is not to overdo it. Cosmetologists say that you need to use the "minimum comfortable" amount of cream to prevent excess on the skin, but still get a feeling of hydration and nutrition. The remainder of the cream can lead to negative consequences, for example, lead to inflammation, clogged pores, and the growth of bacteria. Therefore, the fact that the excess will not be absorbed into the skin is the smallest problem you will encounter. If you realize that you have gone too far with the amount of beauty product, after 10-15 minutes after application, blot your face with a paper towel or napkin. This is true at any time of the day: in the morning - before applying the make-up, and in the evening - before going to bed, so that the skin has the opportunity to "breathe".

If you want the cream to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, apply it with massage movements. According to cosmetologist Maria Filatova, light self-massage at home increases the level of effectiveness of the beauty product, and also enhances the depth of penetration of the active substances that make up its composition. In addition, this procedure activates metabolic processes, improves complexion, and has a slight lifting effect. So that the skin does not suffer during the massage, it must be performed according to a certain scheme: stroking - rubbing - kneading - stroking. If your goal is to increase the firmness of your skin and give your face a healthy glow, try a light pinch massage from the center to the periphery.

Rule 5: use intensive care products

Before applying the cream, you need to use a serum. This product has a light texture, in which the highest concentration of nutrients is observed - up to 70%. The serum evens out the skin, makes the relief smoother, which helps with further application of the foundation or primer. The penetration depth of the product is much greater than that of the cream, but this does not mean that beauty products are interchangeable. They work great in tandem - the serum activates the action of the components applied on top of it, and the cream "seals" the beneficial substances that are part of the serum.

Despite the fact that these beauty products are very useful, they have certain rules for their use. Yulia Alekseeva, head of medical promotion at Eucerin, says that serums containing vitamin C, retinol or AHA acids should not be applied during the day, as they sometimes cause a slight burning sensation or redness of the skin.

Rule 6: Protecting your skin from UV rays

The skin needs good protection from aggressive environmental factors, especially ultraviolet rays, in order to maintain the effect of the care for a long time. An SPF-protected cream will help you with this, which prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays, creates a protective barrier, prevents dehydration and provides complete care.

Before applying sunscreen, the skin must be cleansed with foam, milk or gel. The product is distributed in neat synchronized movements over the entire face - you need to move away from the center of the forehead, nasolabial folds. Active rubbing should be avoided so as not to damage the skin. You can go outside 20-30 minutes after application. It is worth considering the fact that the cream needs to be constantly updated: if you use a product with SPF 15, then every hour, with SPF 30 - every two hours, with SPF 50+ - every three hours.