6 "mistakes" of using cosmetics that you need to make regularly

6 "mistakes" of using cosmetics that you need to make regularly.

A law-abiding user of cosmetics is always ready to carefully study the method of application on the packaging of a cosmetic product and sacredly follow it. Most often this is the right decision. But sometimes you need to get around the rules. What kind? Will tell the material.


  1. Rule # 1: Use body milk only for hands and body

Verdict: Almost always a myth. What happens if you apply body milk to your face and even eyelids? Will the end of the world happen? Are you getting old? Of course, nothing bad will happen. The principle of any cream is to moisturize the skin. There is nothing else a moisturizer can do. It hardly makes sense to buy 10 creams for ... (eyelids, face, neck, hands, elbows, legs, body, etc.). You can buy one quality body milk and moisturize with it from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. If you do not have acute allergic reactions to specific products, feel free to buy one high-quality natural body milk and use it for the face, eyelids, and feet.

  1. Rule number 2: in no case apply masks to the area around the eyes and lips

Verdict: Almost always a myth. What happens if you apply a mask under the eyes and around the lips? Practice shows that nothing terrible will happen. After all, if this mask aims to moisturize the skin, then the skin of a person's face is the same everywhere. Okay, a slight swelling under the eyes is possible if you apply the mask for a long time under the eyes. But only if you apply the mask in the evening. And the rest of the time, it is absolutely not worth to ignore the care of the skin around the lips and under the eyes, since this very thin and delicate skin also needs moisturizing.

  1. Rule number 3: apply hair rinse for 1-2 minutes

So. What happens if you apply a conditioner to your hair for 20 minutes? We will answer. You don't have to spend money on a more expensive product called a hair mask. The longer the hair moisturizer stays on the hair, the more moisturizing the effect will be. If you have very dry hair, there is no point in spending money on an expensive hair mask. Buy any decent mouthwash and make a mask out of it. Apply to hair after washing, put on a bathing cap or plastic bag, wrap with a towel, walk in this for 20 minutes. The result will be better than any ultra-expensive and ultra-branded hair maxi.

  1. Rule # 4: foot cream for feet only

Give yourself an honest answer to the following question: after applying the foot cream, do you really go to the bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and only then apply the hand cream? Most likely the answer will be no. Absolutely nothing bad will happen if your foot cream becomes hand cream at the same time. The intense moisturizing properties of most foot creams (including those containing urea) will give your hands a bombastic moisturizing effect. Try it and see for yourself.

  1. Rule # 5: face scrub - only twice a week

Verdict: myth. What if you have oily skin with clogged pores? Are you tormented and waiting for the cherished Tuesday and Friday, and on the other days to enjoy sandpaper instead of a face? Absolutely nothing terrible will happen if you use an intensive (for example, containing crushed fruit seeds) scrub daily or every other day, just do not massage the skin too intensively. After all, the task is to cleanse the pores. Alternatively, buy gommage and use it at least twice a day. There will be no harm.

  1. Rule # 6: rinse off masks and scrubs with cold water to close pores
Verdict: even harmful. The fact is that every caring person after washing his face with a scrub or mask will apply a moisturizer to his face. And the effect of skin care will be much better if the skin is slightly steamed. The pores will take away more cream, the hydration will be more effective, long-lasting, deep.