7 beauty products that should be in cosmetic bags for women 40+

7 beauty products that should be in cosmetic bags for women 40+.

With age, not only the diet, clothing style, daily habits should change, but also the contents of the cosmetic bag. And the thing is that beauty problems, which 25-year-old girls do not even think about, at 40 acquire much more meaning. Novate.ru tells what cosmetics you need to buy in order to feel like a real beauty after 40 years.

The plastic surgeon of the MaRusMed clinic, Madina Bayramukova, says that after 40 women are most worried about five problems:
• pigmentation;
• dull complexion;
• dry skin;
• swelling in the morning;
• mimic wrinkles.

That is, the effect of beauty products that lie in your cosmetic bag should be aimed at combating the above points.

  1. Anti Age Face Cream

Anti-aging face cream is the first thing that should be in the cosmetic bag of a woman 40+. It has several functions at once, moisturizing, nourishing and protective. Typically, nutrients are used before bed and moisturizers are used during the day.
The best way to moisturize the skin is creams, the main components of which are hyaluronic acid, urea and peptides. They improve the condition of the skin, make its appearance more attractive, have a positive effect on collagen production, and increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Other anti-aging ingredients that must be present in creams include magnesium, silicone, retinol (vitamin A) and vitamin E.

  1. Correcting and concealing agents

If hyperpigmentation has already become your "best friend", it's time to buy correcting whiteners and correcting serums. They perfectly even out skin tone, so that age spots become almost invisible. Instead of a dense foundation, which will only emphasize mimic wrinkles and expose them to the public, it is better to use DD-cream. This product has a lighter and softer texture. In addition, it contains antioxidant components and retinol, which is a form of vitamin A.

Please note: The substance is able to smooth the skin, increase its elasticity, and exfoliate dead cells. Retinol also lightens pigmentation and helps the skin retain the required amount of moisture.

If you have severe skin imperfections that are difficult to cover with a single DD cream, use concealers and correctors. There are many varieties of these beauty products: liquid (for the area around the eyes), dry (for correcting inflammation), in the form of pencils and sticks (for masking acne marks, age spots, scars), etc.

  1. Creams with UV filters

As you know, one of the main causes of skin aging is precisely the harmful effects of UV rays. And if at 20 years old insolation (exposure to sunlight) is not so terrible, then after 40 the risk of getting hyperpigmentation increases several times. Therefore, you should definitely purchase sunscreen and cosmetics with a high SPF level. Moreover, it must be used not only in summer, when the sun's activity reaches its peak, but also in winter, since sunlight tends to reflect off the snow (remember skiers who return from ski resorts - they have a tanned face).

If you sit in the shade or go outside on a cloudy day, SPF cream is also necessary. According to research from the American Academy of Dermatology, 80% of UV rays affect the skin not only in clear weather - they can also penetrate clouds. The situation is similar in the shade. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee that you will completely protect yourself from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. Even if a person is under an umbrella, they receive more than 30% of UV radiation. The only plus is that while in the shade, you can use a cream with a low SPF level.
Sunscreen should be applied not only to the face, but also to the hands and décolleté, as these areas of the body are the most sensitive to UV light. This should be done at least 20 minutes before going outside so that the cream can be absorbed into the skin. The tool needs to be updated throughout the day. If the texture of the sunscreens seems too oily for you, use the alternative option - thermal water with SPF.

  1. Patches under the eyes

There are several types of patches:

• collagen - their main component is collagen, which remarkably moisturizes and restores sensitive skin under the eyes, making it more elastic and elastic;

• hydrogel - the main component is hyaluronic acid. Such patches relieve puffiness, improve blood circulation, lighten dark circles under the eyes;
• fabric - created from cotton fabric impregnated with serum.
Cosmetologists recommend using the patches twice a week as an express moisturizer to improve skin condition. They are applied for 15-40 minutes - you need to remove them when you feel that they have begun to dry out.

Patches are not the only salvation for the eye area. You can also use special masks with plant extracts, snail mucin, snake venom. They have care, lymphatic drainage and moisturizing functions.

  1. Means for cleansing and toning the skin

Gels, foams, milk and other means for cleansing the skin should be selected according to its type:

• for oily skin, cosmetic and hydrophilic oils are suitable, which reduce sebum secretion, as well as emulsions;

• owners of combination skin should give preference to foams, mousses and milk, but it is better to refuse gels, as they dry out the cheek area;
• dry skin needs the help of mild emulsion products - cream, milk, cleansing creams. Do not use oils, gels, foams and micellar water, which aggravate dry skin.

After 40 years, you should wash your face with boiled water with the addition of soda or ordinary mineral water - they qualitatively eliminate the remnants of cosmetics, dust, sebum. The final stage of cleansing should be a tonic - it will prepare the face for applying the cream (it should also be chosen according to the type of skin). We focus on the fact that alcohol tonics greatly dry the skin and negate all efforts to moisturize it.

For eye care, it is worth using oily lotions, two-phase solutions for removing cosmetics, micellar water.

  1. Cream serum

Serums have many positive properties: they moisturize, nourish, promote the rapid penetration of the active components that make up their composition into the lipid membrane of the skin. However, the product will only begin to work if you apply it as a nourishing base under the cream.

At the moment there are a large number of types of serums: some are used for whitening, the second - for lifting, the third - to narrow the pores, the fourth - to eliminate bags under the eyes. As you can see, the choice of serum should directly depend on what problem you want to solve.

  1. Eye cream

The sensitive skin around the eyes suffers the most with age, so much attention should be paid to its care. Remember that this area cannot be smeared with your usual face creams. Special products are usually more demanding than traditional creams: for example, they are denser in texture.

For the eye cream to be as effective as possible, it must be applied with gentle, patting movements, preventing the lower and upper eyelids from stretching.