7 beauty reasons why it doesn't hurt to have duct tape in your cosmetic bag

7 beauty reasons why it doesn't hurt to have duct tape in your cosmetic bag.

It turns out that tape can be used not only for packing boxes, joining pieces of paper, sealing damaged surfaces and solving a number of everyday issues. He is also a good helper for any girl and simply must lie in every handbag. Scotch tape helps the fair sex to become even more beautiful and well-groomed, without resorting to complex manipulations. In this article we will tell you about the secrets of using this item.


  1. Arrows like Audrey Hepburn

Beautiful and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn was a trendsetter. Sunglasses, massive jewelry, a wide-brimmed hat and, of course, the famous arrows. The actress made this beauty technique popular and in demand among girls, focusing on the fact that arrows allow makeup to acquire a certain charm. And now, many years after the release of the painting "Breakfast at Tiffany's", the fair sex still draw arrows that help to highlight the eyes and make the look more alluring and expressive. But only a few of them turn out to be ideal, the same as Audrey.

If you cannot comprehend this complex science in any way, your hands are constantly shaking, as a result of which the arrows turn out to be crooked or too fat, then use tape. All you need to do is cut off a small piece of tape and glue where the beautiful arrow should be. Next, take a well-sharpened eyeliner (called kayal in the beauty industry) and gently draw a line along the outline of the tape. After that, remove the tape and use your regular eyeliner. Use it to paint the strip that remains from the pencil, and you will get a clear and even line at the exit. This simple method will help even beginners to cope with arrows. So be sure to give it a try if you want great results the first time.

  1. "Smoky" makeup

Smoky eyes, just like arrows, will probably never go out of style. If you are a fan of this eye makeup, then the tape will come in handy here too. It will need to be applied in the same way as described in the previous paragraph - on the sides of the eyes. In this case, you will get an ideal make-up - the border of applying shadows will be even and neat, as well as slightly raised, which will help create the effect of a "cat's look". Another plus of the tape is that, thanks to its use, dark shadows will not crumble or blur in the area of ​​the temples. Plus, even if you blend them poorly, they won't look like dirty spots.

Tip: you can also use this method if you overdo it with bright shadows when applying the make-up. A piece of scotch tape will “collect” most of the makeup from the century, and you can continue to paint.

  1. Correction of eyebrows

Adhesive tape can be useful in makeup not only for eyes, but also for eyebrows. This is especially true for those girls who use a pencil or shadows for correction, but in the process cannot give them a clear and beautiful shape. This time, a piece of tape will need to be glued to the skin along the "tail" of the eyebrows. This way you will be able to create an even, thin and neat contour, after which you will need to remove the tape and fill in the "void" with shadows or an eyebrow pencil.

  1. Cleansing brushes from makeup residues

If you find that you forgot to wash your makeup brushes, and you need to paint very urgently, use the following life hack: run the brush along the adhesive side of the tape several times so that all the makeup remains on the tape. Such a quick cleaning, of course, will not replace full-fledged care, which you can learn more about in previous materials from Novate.ru, but it will allow you to use makeup brushes several more times without harm to the skin.

  1. Cleaning cosmetics from dirt

You have probably often noticed that shadows, blush, powder and other beauty products that lie in the box are covered with a layer of dust. In addition, bacteria, dirt and a number of other contaminants can accumulate on them. To keep your cosmetics in perfect order, take a piece of scotch tape, stick it on a case of powder or blush, and tear off. Thus, you can restore their attractive appearance and get rid of the top layer on which various microbes accumulate.

  1. Make-up correction

A beautiful make-up requires a lot of time and effort from a girl, as it consists of several stages. Therefore, it is doubly insulting if you spent 20-30 minutes applying a base for makeup, foundation, powder, masked imperfections on your face for a long time, and then witnessed how the shadows crumbled onto your face and ruined your work. The situation is much worse when you notice this not at home, but in a restaurant or at a meeting with friends. Trying to wipe the shadows with your finger will not be successful - they will smear and leave dark spots under the eyes. To avoid such consequences, use scotch tape. Cut a small piece and stick it over the place where the makeup has crumbled. After a few minutes, remove the tape and enjoy the amazing result.

  1. Face contouring
Facial contouring, which has been gaining momentum in the beauty field, helps to highlight the advantages and hide imperfections of the skin. However, in order to master this art perfectly, you need to train a lot, since the procedure is not included in the category of lungs. To make the process as easy as possible, use tape. Cut a few pieces and glue on the forehead, nose, cheekbones. Next, take the correctors of the desired shades and gently apply to these areas. After that, you can remove the tape and blend the cosmetics with a brush or sponge, as you like.