9 helpful tips for women who want to be on top

9 helpful tips for women who want to be on top.

Life presents many surprises and it is sometimes difficult for a woman to remain irresistible in any mood and situation. Then you should strike back and take the advice of those who have already mastered the subtle science of combining business with pleasure. With the help of simple life hacks, you can save time and maintain health, and look great to the envy of others.


  1. An original approach

Plump lips are in fashion now. If nature has not tried enough with this beauty object, modern cosmetology offers various injection services, unfortunately, very painful. However, if you wanted to make your appearance more effective, then you can use a less drastic remedy, albeit temporary. Add a little peppermint oil to your lip gloss or just your daily lip care routine. It allows blood to flow to the lips and their volume becomes more noticeable.

Interesting information from Novate.ru:Peppermint oil is suitable for all skin types. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, promotes cell regeneration and renewal. Peppermint oil helps to get rid of fine wrinkles and smooth the relief, as well as activate the protective properties of the skin, preventing the development of viral and infectious diseases.

  1. Makeup remover

Make-up remover is an indispensable tool for the care of female beauty. However, it has the unpleasant property of ending at the most inopportune moment. You should not be upset, because you can easily replace the store product with a homemade one. You just need to mix olive oil and filtered water and your makeup will be defeated in no time.

  1. Safe drying

Hair is one of the main weapons of female beauty, which immediately catches the eye. That is why the hairstyle and condition of the hair must be given due attention. Many professional stylists argue that towel drying is a bad idea after washing your hair, as it picks up too much moisture, gradually making the curls look dull and lifeless. To avoid this, you can buy a special, expensive microfiber towel, or simply use your unwanted T-shirt. Clothes are made in such a way that they do not take excessive amounts of natural moisture from the body.

  1. Comfortable shoes

Almost all new shoes cause discomfort until you wear them. This process can take several days, and sometimes it can take up to a couple of months. To avoid an unpleasant period, we recommend using a simple life hack: walking around in new shoes at home, having previously put on woolen socks on your feet. With this procedure, you can stretch the shoes a little without pain, calluses and chafed skin.

  1. More space

Women often complain that they have nothing to wear. But at the same time, the cabinet from time to time does not withstand the onslaught of things and opens the door slightly to reveal its secret mountains of treasures. To tidy up the contents of the cabinet, we recommend trying a simple tip for saving space: you need to hang a tongue from any drink in a can on the hook of the hanger. It will play the role of a kind of fixer, on which you can hang another hanger. This way, the closet will perfectly fit twice as many clothes.

  1. Two in one

The hair straightener has a lot of useful properties in addition to its main purpose. With its help, you can get out of a difficult situation when you need to quickly iron clothes, but there was no iron at hand.

  1. Unusual storage system

Almost every woman has a whole warehouse of all kinds of precious jewelry and bijouterie. Usually there is no suitable place for them and a large free space, so all these lovely little things are kept in complete disarray. To put things in order and make it easier in the future to find the things you need, you can use the tools at hand: take and put all the jewelry in an ice container. The jewelry, divided into compartments, will always be at hand and look more beautiful in any corner of beauty.

  1. Solving a banal problem

When you have to get ready quickly, then usually everything just falls out of hand. If no one is around to help you put on your jewelry, it can be a serious problem and a waste of precious time. By securing one end of the bracelet or chain with tape, it will be possible to quickly fasten the clasp and make the image complete in an instant.

  1. Eternal beauty

Not all jewelry has a long service life. It often happens that it darkens or turns green from contact with the skin.