An annoying mistake that almost every woman makes in makeup

An annoying mistake that almost every woman makes in makeup.

Makeup is not only about beauty, but also about freedom of expression. Therefore, any rules in the make-up are very conditional, and any mistake can be justified by the canonical "it was intended." But there is one thing that can really ruin even a successful image. And almost every woman does it every morning. Are you one of them too?
Painting starts with a blank canvas and makeup starts with skin. And it is unlikely that the blush will look organic, and the highlighter will reflect light, as in advertising, if you do not apply foundation under them. Here are just the daily treatment of the "foundation" often ends with peeling, clogged pores or stripes on the face, like a tiger. And before you blame the "bad" foundation for everything, check yourself: maybe you, too, make this common mistake with the tone , which leads to sad results?
To make the tone look perfect and “like native”, three conditions must be met. First, choose the right shade. Secondly, choose a product based on the condition and needs of the skin: for example, a matting tone will emphasize every wrinkle of dry skin, and a moisturizer will begin to shine unhealthily on oily skin after half an hour. And thirdly, the tonal one must also be applied correctly. And the method of application, by the way, also depends on the type of skin.

If the skin is dry

Tired of eternal peels that magically disappear without makeup? Then use a sponge or beauty blender to apply tone . The main thing is to wet the tool with water and squeeze out the excess. The wet method of application will smooth out all the unevenness of the skin, and the foundation will lie in the thinnest layer and will not emphasize the excess. But the owners of dry skin should forget about brushes.

If the skin is oily

To tone is not floated and ran away from the skin before lunch, we should invest in anchoring the powder, as well -duofibru brush , she Stippling brush. Stippling involves lightly driving the product into the skin, which is facilitated by the long fibers of the brush. As a result, make-up lasts longer, and minor shine can always be removed with a matting napkin

If you have a tendency to acne and skin irritation

In this case, it is better to give up brushes, blenders and other beauty tools, because they tend to accumulate bacteria. Which, at the first opportunity, will migrate to the face and provoke a rash. It is best to apply foundation with your fingers . Naturally, only clean.

If the skin is of normal type without any problems

Then a flat brush will become your best friend . It will distribute the tone evenly and achieve a natural finish. It is with her help that most beauty gurus on social networks create their masterpieces. Maybe you should try?

Great, we figured out the tone. It remains only to eliminate this popular mistake with lipstick , and the makeup will definitely be flawless. , and the makeup will definitely be flawless.