How to fix imperfections with makeup: 7 useful tips for every day.

How to fix imperfections with makeup: 7 useful tips for every day.

Makeup is one of the most powerful weapons for women. With it, you can visually enlarge your eyes, shrink your cheeks, make your lips more sensual and smooth out wrinkles. The main thing is to properly “disguise”, otherwise the makeup can turn not into a beauty, but into a monster. To prevent this from happening, it is worth learning some of the secrets of the art of makeup.


  1. Measure in everything

Make-up in no case should be defiant and vulgar. And a thick layer of cosmetics is capable of making it such. All products that are applied to the face should be well shaded and emphasize the natural beauty. A thick layer of eyeshadow will always indicate wrinkles, while blues, purples and pinks will highlight bruises under the eyes.

  1. Perfect tone

The success of good makeup depends on a properly selected foundation. You need to choose a foundation for the color of your skin and remember that a dark cream will accentuate flaws, and too light will look unnatural. To make the tone evenly fall on the skin, it is recommended to cleanse the face with a tonic, apply a matting silicone base. For pale girls, it is better to opt for a pale lilac shade, and those who suffer from acne and redness should choose a base with a yellow or greenish tint. Only after that, using a special sponge, you should apply the foundation on the skin. A step-by-step procedure will ensure the perfect result.

  1. Luxurious eyebrows

Stylists all over the world unanimously recommend not plucking eyebrows to the state of fine threads. Now naturalness is in vogue. Wide and bushy eyebrows are encouraged, in some cases not even plucked. When choosing the shape of the eyebrows for a certain type of face it is worth remembering:
• Chubby girls should avoid the rounded shape of the eyebrows. A tall shape with a break near the end of the eyebrow suits them.

  1. Expressive eyes

Small eyes cannot be painted with eyeliner or pencil. It is desirable to express them with beige, copper or brown shades. It is advisable to cover the corner and the place under the eyebrows with light shadows, while not coloring the lower eyelashes with ink.
Bulging eyes will advantageously mask shadows in muted matte shades. For a heightened effect, you can apply light shadows to the line under the eyebrow. The only thing is that girls with eyes like this need to avoid glittering shadows and not make wide arrows.

Sunken eyes will help to express light and shiny shadows, and narrow ones can be rounded with the help of dark shadows, if you paint them just above the eyelid, in this case it is better to highlight the eyebrow line with a light color.

  1. Beautiful nose

To smooth the hump on the aquiline nose, it is enough to use a highlighter or foundation a few tones lighter than the main one. A wide nose can be hidden by blending a matting cream on both sides, which is a shade darker than that used on the entire face. The very middle of the nose must be covered with a light tone. Interestingly, to correct a narrow nose, a dark foundation is also used, which is gently shaded towards the cheeks.

  1. Harmonious cheekbones

Many people complex about chubby cheeks, proper makeup can also cope with this problem. It's enough to use blush for this. They need to be applied to the nose from the temples. In this case, you should intensively highlight the cheekbones, pulling them slightly to the corners of the lips.

  1. Sensual lips

There is one clever trick for visually enlarging the lips. Before applying lipstick, you need to circle the upper notch on the lips with a natural pearlescent pencil. Slightly above the lip line for a fuller look. After that, you need to paint your lips with a moisturizing glossy lipstick, and add a little gloss in the center of the lower lip. This will create the effect of sensual lips, which will add incredible sexuality to the image.