Minimum beauty: what cosmetics to take with you on vacation at sea to always look great

Minimum beauty: what cosmetics to take with you on vacation at sea to always look great.

From June the holiday season is officially open! And for those who have already planned a trip, it's time to think about what things to take with them. The issue with a cosmetic bag is especially relevant, because any girl wants to look beautiful and well-groomed on vacation. However, it is worth exercising common sense here, because not all beauty products are small and compact. Most of them take up a lot of space and add weight to already heavy luggage. That is why it will be useful for girls to find out which cosmetics they really cannot do without at sea, and which ones can calmly wait for them at home.

1. Cosmetic bag

To begin with, you should buy a convenient cosmetic bag that will be light, spacious and compact. The best option, according to experts, is a folding model made from the inside of a transparent material. It has several compartments and a built-in mirror. The undoubted plus of such a copy is the presence of a hook-hanger, which allows you to hang the cosmetic bag on the wall in the hotel room, and not place all the beauty products on the nightstand. Such products are most often made of a material that resembles an oilcloth in texture. It is easy to clean, so if on the road some cream is squeezed out of the tube, then you can put the cosmetic bag in order in a matter of minutes.

  1. Thermal water

Thermal water contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals for the skin, so if you go on holiday in hot countries, you need it. In addition, such a remedy will be an excellent helper on the plane - the flight dehydrates the skin and hair, and the thermal water can relieve dryness in no time. It perfectly refreshes, moisturizes the face and curls, creates protection from the effects of negative external factors. An obvious plus of the product is that it can be sprayed even on a make-up, because thermal water is instantly absorbed. Due to this, the cosmetics will not flow, and the skin will be hydrated. Just do not forget that it is allowed to take aerosols up to 100 ml on the plane, no more.

By the way, thermal water will come in handy in case of a bad tan. It accelerates the process of cell regeneration, contributing to the rapid recovery of the skin.

  1. Micelle water

When assembling a travel cosmetic bag, remember that skin care at sea should be as simple as possible, and the products that you take with you should be multifunctional. In this regard, micellar water is an excellent solution. It is suitable for any type of skin, does not cause stickiness and dryness, in a matter of seconds it clears the skin of impurities and makeup. The obvious advantage of "micellar" over other products is that it does not need to be washed off after use - just apply the product on a cotton pad, wipe your face and voila - the care procedure is complete.

Interesting fact:micellar water was originally developed for the delicate skin of babies. But when scientists found out that it perfectly copes with dirt, grease and other impurities, it was decided to use it as a beauty product for cleansing the skin of the face.

  1. Sunscreen

When packing your suitcase, the first thing you should put in is a swimsuit and the second is sunscreen. It will be able to protect delicate skin from sunburn, premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. When choosing a product, pay attention to the composition: the components must necessarily be zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which protect the dermis from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. You should also take into account the sun protection factor: for dark-skinned girls, a cream with SPF 10-15 is suitable, for pale-faced people you need to buy a product with SPF 15-25. And if you plan to bask on the beach for a long time, then choose a cream with SPF 30-100. For a beautiful and even tan, you can bring a moisturizing lotion and after-sun product with you.

  1. Moisturizing cosmetics

Unfortunately, thermal water will not be able to provide the skin with 100% hydration, so it will need to take a gel or emulsion to help it. You will need to apply moisturizers to your face and body several times a day, as the scorching sun and hot wind make the skin very dry. When choosing beauty products, keep in mind that they should have a light consistency so that the dermis can easily absorb them, and a natural composition that includes vitamins, minerals, collagen, panthenol and other beneficial substances. As for fruit acids and retinol, these components should not be present, as they make the skin more sensitive. The same fate awaits glycerin, as it clogs pores.

  1. Concealer

Makeup artists strongly recommend giving up foundation in the summer, as it lays down in a dense layer and clogs the pores. But if you are worried about minor breakouts on vacation, take concealer with you. It has a lighter texture, but at the same time masking properties are at a height. Another popular option according to is BB or CC cream. They will also be able to disguise skin imperfections in a matter of minutes and make you look pretty.

  1. Transparent powder

To get rid of oily sheen, even out the tone and create a long-lasting makeup that will be perfect at any temperature, transparent powder will help. Despite the fact that it is transparent, the powder perfectly mattifies the skin and removes minor imperfections. For a seaside holiday - this is an ideal option, since the beauty product is practically not felt on the skin.

  1. Ink

If you were afraid to extend eyelashes before the vacation, then mascara is an indispensable element in your cosmetic bag. It will make your look more expressive and attractive in a matter of seconds. By the way, mascara is quite enough for eye makeup, the main thing is that it is resistant. But shadows, pencils and eyeliner are best left at home. They will not be useful to you at sea.

  1. Lip balm or gloss

As already mentioned, in hot countries, the skin suffers greatly from dehydration and becomes dry. This applies not only to the face, body, but also to the lips. Under the influence of the sun, they peel off and become covered with cracks, which gives unpleasant sensations. To avoid such consequences, be sure to take a shine or balm with you. They will not only be able to take care of the health of the lips, but also return them to a seductive look.

  1. Products for hands, feet and body

On vacation, you will definitely need a moisturizer for your hands and feet. The first will moisturize the skin after the beach, making it soft and velvety. And the second one will relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation, promote the early healing of small wounds, which is especially important if you have many excursions planned. Also, be sure to bring a small bottle of shower gel and body mousse to keep your skin soft and supple.