What beauty products can you borrow from your boyfriend so as not to waste

Borrow: What beauty products can you borrow from your boyfriend so as not to waste.

If your young man takes good care of himself, using all kinds of masks, balms, face cleansers, then you can easily afford to borrow the desired beauty product from him. And even if the phrase "one cosmetics for two" sounds a little threatening, but in conditions of small salaries, this is a great way to save money. What means can both a guy and a girl use at the same time in order to preserve beauty and not cause serious damage to the wallet?


  1. Means for cleansing the face

Almost always, all kinds of lotions, tonics, scrubs have a universal composition and can be used by both girls and guys. And specimens from the male line are sometimes even healthier and better in quality than female ones. The thing is that a variety of soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients are often added to the products intended for the stronger sex, because a young man needs not only to cleanse the skin, but also carefully prepare it for the shaving process. And if for guys such a composition of beauty products is a must, then for girls it is a nice bonus, which is a sin not to use.

  1. Acne cream

Although men are less prone to acne than women, they still have similar problems. If your boyfriend belongs to this category of guys, then you can easily buy one remedy for rashes and use it together. Why spend money on several acne creams at once, if you can easily limit yourself to one tube?

  1. Hair products

Here, everything is not as rosy as in the two previous points, if only because in the arsenal of your loved one there is hardly a moisturizing oil for the ends of the hair. But mousse for styling curls can be purchased one for two, especially considering the fact that such beauty products usually have a neutral odor. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the strands after styling have a characteristic masculine scent. As for shampoos and balms, they can also be borrowed from your boyfriend. True, manufacturers usually make them very specific in terms of smell, but the aromatic hair oil that you use after washing your hair can easily solve this problem. And experts also advise you to pay attention to men's styling creams. With their help, you can give curls a root volume and "pacify" overdried ends.

  1. Shaving cream

If friends and relatives gave your partner several shaving creams on February 23, you can easily appropriate one for yourself. Firstly, it is economical, and secondly, it is useful. Let's explain why now. The shaving foam for women is specially formulated for the body, and for the man's face. From this we conclude that the products for guys are much softer, softer, contain a minimum of harmful substances and are hypoallergenic. Therefore, you definitely need to take!

  1. Lip balm

Another universal beauty product that may well take place on the shelf called "General". The funds are almost the same in composition, they are classified as "unisex". Therefore, the only question that will worry you is who will buy the balm. Usually in women's cosmetic bags you can find several similar products, but if they all ended abruptly or got lost, then check the guy's bag. Perhaps he just says that he does not use such "feminine" things, but in fact has hidden a couple of "hygienics" for himself.

  1. Deodorant

The first and foremost advantage of male antiperspirants is that they are much more persistent than the female counterparts. This feature of deodorants is especially important in the gym, when the body is exposed to serious physical exertion and produces a lot of sweat. And the second advantage is the smell. Yes, you heard right. Means for guys are not so sugary and sweet, and therefore more fit the definition of "unisex".

  1. Oil for beard and mustache

If your loved one grows a beard and cuts it only in berbershops, where experts use extremely dangerous razors, then there will definitely be excellent beard oil or wax in his arsenal. Why do you need them, you ask? For moisturizing dry ends, of course! And such beauty products will be great helpers when styling curls.

  1. Shower gel

If shampoos, balms, cleansers can still be bought individually, then shower gel is definitely not worth it. Why buy five bottles of different fragrances from the store and line them up on the shelf? One copy is quite enough for several months of use, even if you use it together. There is only one caveat: buy the product together to choose a scent that will appeal to both.

  1. Perfume

If your boyfriend prefers niche fragrances, which are usually released with the "unisex" label, then it is quite possible to borrow a cologne from him. By the way, many experts say that perfumes for men unfold unusually on women's skin, so an experiment is definitely necessary. Curious if your partner will notice that you now smell like him?

  1. After shave lotion
If you want your skin to be soft and delicate, and your makeup is long-lasting, look at the men's aftershave balm for sensitive skin. Many girls have long got used to using it as a primer, because the balm perfectly moisturizes and prepares the face for applying make-up.