What daily habits do you need to give up so as not to lose your beauty after 30 years

What daily habits do you need to give up so as not to lose your beauty after 30 years.

Gastrointestinal problems, heredity or stress are not always the main causes of acne, wrinkles and blackheads. In fact, the biggest damage to the skin comes from habits that girls consider to be quite harmless. Which ones are the most dangerous?

Have you ever wondered how many things we do "automatically"? Have you ever wondered what harm they can do to beauty and health, especially after 30 years? At first glance, it seems that our habits are absolutely harmless, but the negative effect from them accumulates every day. So what mistakes do we make on a regular basis, even though we don't even know about it?

  1. We think that cosmetics have no expiration date

How it is like for girls: buy bright eyeshadows for a party and, after one use, forget about them for a year. And this is the attitude of women to almost all beauty products. This is fundamentally the wrong approach. The contents of the cosmetic bag should be checked regularly for the expiration date. It is better to throw away those funds that you have not used for a long time, even without admitting the thought “what if they will be useful to me”. If the expiration date is not indicated on the foundation, powder, eyeshadow, it can be determined in other ways.

For example, mascara, lip gloss, liquid eyeshadow can be used no more than 6 months after opening. The foundation will be your helper throughout the year. "Long-livers" in the cosmetic bag are powder, bronzer, blush. They can be used for 2-3 years, but only if they have a dry texture. Most carefully you need to treat products that contain water: fluids, gels, a variety of creams. This alertness is due to the fact that their texture encourages bacterial growth. Remember, you need to part with expired cosmetics as soon as possible, otherwise you are guaranteed skin problems.

  1. Wash your brushes every few months

Ask your girlfriends how often they clean up their makeup brushes. We're sure most of them don't even know to wash them, let alone regular care. Now let's think about what such actions will lead to: after each makeup procedure, not only cosmetics, but also sebum (a secret secreted by the sebaceous glands) accumulates on the brushes. And if you also store not in a cosmetic bag, but in “random” places (on the table, on the nightstand, in the bathroom, and so on), then dust, and maybe dirt, will act as a bonus to the above pollution. And then you transfer all this mix to the skin of your face, committing a real crime against beauty and health.

This can result in irritation, redness, inflammation, and even allergies. To avoid negative consequences, you need to wash your brushes regularly. The frequency of maintenance will depend on their intended use: brushes for applying lipstick and foundation should be washed every day, preferably immediately after use, and the instances for powder, eyeshadow and blush can be cleaned once a week. They should also be sprayed with a special disinfection solution.

  1. Do sports with full face make-up

Of course, girls always want to look their best, regardless of whether they are at home, at work or on a walk. But there is a place that is better to visit without war paint. We're talking about the gym. If you can't afford to come to a workout completely without make-up, tint your eyes with waterproof eyeliner and mascara, and apply gloss to your lips. It is better to temporarily forget about foundation, powder and other cosmetic products designed to mask skin imperfections. Otherwise, sweat, dust, sebum and other impurities will mix with the makeup and create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, we advise you to cleanse your skin before and after the session, so as not to provoke the reproduction of harmful substances.

  1. Wash only with micellar water

Micellar water is by far the most popular makeup remover as it is effective and suitable for all skin types. However, this product cannot replace a complete wash. Moreover, the “micellar” needs to be additionally washed off with foam or gel, because in fact, its composition is based on the same surfactants, only in a slightly different form. And they are known to have an aggressive effect on the skin. Therefore, dermatologists and cosmetologists unanimously assure that the cleansing of the skin should take place in at least two stages: removing makeup with micellar water and washing with foam.

5.Injure the skin

Assignment for a million rubles: show us the girl who does not itch to remove the pimple that has jumped up. Not found? Not surprising, because a pimple on a woman's face is like a red rag for a bull. And okay, if he was squeezed out according to all the rules (washed his hands, disinfected the affected area, made a hot mask after cleansing, and so on), but no, it is much easier to take the easier path. Alas, few people think about the fact that the resulting wounds are susceptible to infection, and improper actions can lead to the appearance of scars and crimson spots. In addition, the inflicted microtraumas contribute to accelerated "wear" of tissues and premature aging.

Separately, it is worth talking about self-elimination of blackheads. When you try to get rid of them, you put serious pressure on your skin and enlarge your pores. To subsequently eliminate the consequences of such actions, you will need to contact a professional cosmetologist.

6.Rarely change pillowcases

Every year dermatologists focus more and more on the fact that pillowcases need to be changed as often as possible, at least once every 4 days. This position is due to the fact that the skin is in regular contact with the bedding. And since the production of sebum is activated at night, and the skin pushes toxins to the surface, a large amount of dirt remains on the pillowcases in the morning. Add to this the dust that accumulates on the pillow during the day, especially in the summer when the windows are open.

  1. Sleep on your side

And again about the "bed" nuances. The most comfortable position for most people is on the side. But this comfort is detrimental to the skin. In this position, unpleasant folds appear on the supporting part of the face. They disappear only when the person turns over. But this does not happen immediately, but after 3-4 hours. In order not to provoke the appearance of early wrinkles, train yourself to sleep on your back - this is the safest position for your face.

  1. Constantly on the phone

Taking into account the growing popularity of gadgets, experts have created special beauty products designed to protect the skin from HEV-rays emitted by the screen of smartphones. In their opinion, the so-called "blue light" provokes premature aging. This issue has not yet been fully studied, so there is no need to buy innovative cosmetics in the store. But the fact that the regular tilt of the head towards the phone or laptop provokes the appearance of wrinkles on the neck is undeniable.

  1. Lean on carbohydrates
Simple carbohydrates can harm your figure, skin and overall health. Most of them are found in sugar, soda, baked goods, and sweet fruits. Therefore, if you consume them in large quantities, do not be surprised when you find several pimples on your face in the morning. The thing is that fast carbohydrates start the glycation process in the body. As a result, collagen fibers, which are responsible for the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin, stick together and cannot perform their functions. So, if you want to be healthy and beautiful for a long time, carefully monitor your diet.