“Why did it suit her, but I didn't”, or Frequent mistakes in using body care products

“Why did it suit her, but I didn't”, or Frequent mistakes in using body care products.

Imagine this situation: your friend buys a new face cream and you see how her skin has changed, how even her complexion has become. You recognize the brand and the name of the product, go to the store and purchase it, start using it and see that it looks worse. Why is this happening? It is not always a matter of different skin types. Most often, in such situations, the misuse of the product is to blame. What mistakes should not be made, the material will tell.


  1. Night care cream for the face should not be applied just before bedtime

Sometimes, on the advice of a clever friend who understands cosmetics, a girl buys an expensive face cream, smears it properly at night, and in the morning discovers terrible swelling on her face. As a rule, in such cases, they decide that the remedy did not fit, caused an allergy, and therefore the money was thrown away. In fact, in 90% of cases, swelling is not the result of an allergic reaction, but is associated with a common mistake to apply an intensive facial treatment less than 2 hours before bedtime. If you apply a night cream late in the evening, it will fully show its caring properties.

  1. Do not apply a nourishing hair mask along the entire length

Another common complaint is about "a friend who advised a balm, and by the end of the day the hair hangs from it like icicles . If you ask a clarifying question about the method of application, it almost always turns out that the beauty not only applies the product along the entire length of the luxurious braids, but also rubs it into the scalp. Know comments. Correctly apply a moisturizing balm / mask / spray / oil (underline the necessary) for hair only 1/2 of the length (if the haircut is short, even on the ends). It is this part of the hair that really needs hydration.

  1. The foundation is applied to the moisturizer, not to washed skin

If you find out that your friend has gotten a great foundation that looks completely invisible on her skin, and now you want to repeat her feat of improving her complexion, then you should make sure that you are in the habit of first applying a moisturizer to the skin in the morning. If you apply a foundation, even the most expensive and bombastic, on washed skin, then the result will be either a plaster effect (as in the photo above), or rejected pieces of skin that appear under the foundation in the form of peeling. All your pores will show through, all the particles of skin dried up by washing will pop out under the foundation, if you do not apply a good moisturizer first.

  1. You can't wash your hair with a handful of shampoo

No amount of shampoo will give you volume if you wash your hair with a handful of shampoo. The more is better principle is not suitable for any shampoo at all, and it is especially not suitable if you have dry hair and decide to correct this situation by using a regenerating shampoo for damaged or dry hair. Use an amount of shampoo equal to the diameter of the walnut in the palm of your hand.

Valuable fact! It will be even better if you dilute the shampoo with water.

  1. Do not blame your shampoo if you have oily skin

Very often women of fashion who wear bangs complain: "I bought a great shampoo on the advice of a friend, but for some reason I have oily bangs after using it, and the rest of my hair is fine!"The answer is obvious: the bangs are constantly in contact with the oily secretions of the forehead skin. With the best volumizing shampoo, there can be problems with curls in contact with your face if you have oily or combination skin. The best solution is matting wipes. And for a budget and affordable for everyone - the use of ordinary paper square napkins with a loose texture. Paper handkerchiefs are also suitable. You need to lift your hair with a clean palm, and with the other hand bring a matting or paper towel to your forehead, holding (“blotting out”) for about 2-3 seconds. The amount of fat remaining on the napkin is usually amazing.